Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the heart of South Carolina’s Upcountry. The beautiful place, Greenville, is located in the mid of Charlotte, Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina. A beautiful place with friendly people and interesting activities to be done all year round. A perfect holiday destination for all. Amazing shops, boutiques, art galleries to the museum, tours and outdoor activities, music shows by local jazz, country and rock bands to Operetta and Opera, dance, and theater to social dance scene Greenville has everything that will leave you mesmerized. Greenville is a place that will relax you and your family and will help you to bond with your family.

The whole region of Greenville and Upcounty has something different to offer you; a city, county, and region where growth and restoration both go hand in hand with Southern traditions, American history and beautiful natural attraction that will leave you gasping.

Just by spending a few days here will leave you with memories to be cherished for the lifetime. Enjoy the blissful moment or just tug it close to your heart, it will leave you full of fond memories to be shared with your loved ones. Just like me! Before coming here I had no idea how beautiful place it can be. But as I keep on exploring it, I fall in love with it!

What makes Greenville so amazing?

Coming to Greenville will leave you spellbound and your desire to visit the place again and again will surely arise. Greenville is a city of distinct sections, each has its own definitive character, offering, charm and aromatic flavor. The elegant local bars, small shops to the giant malls, city parks to large entertainment destinations you will get what you desire to find, here. Travel around, stroll a little, ponder a lot more and find your personal corner and make it your little cozy hub.

A complete package destination for the entire family. Start your day with the warm rays of the Sun and spend the entire day with something interesting to be done. Trying something new and unique. Fill your appetite with food that you have never seen before or even heard off. A truly blessed place, having more than 300 days full of events, every year. Ranging from live theatre to nationally ranked street festivals to outdoor concerts, the options are endless and all are equally interesting. Thus, it’s never a day in Greenville, it is always spending a number of wonderful days at Greenville. You will either miss something and regret it forever or simply extend your trip.

The best part of this destination is that you need not go too far to satisfy your thirst for discovery and adventure. Coming to the climate of this region it has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons and each season has its own scenic beauty. The scenery of each and every season is phenomenal. Even the food served here truly compliments the season and will call your visit in all the season.