Living in a place that is blessed by nature while positioning it or people who are friendly is truly amazing. It is the largest city in the seat of Greenville County, SC- USA. Greenville is located just at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is a a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian Mountains range along with several small hills. The Reedy river a tributary of the Saluda river flows through the center of the city adds to its beauty and make this place geographically very beautiful to stay in. I was amazed to see the beautiful landscapes that this region had to portray for its inhabitants.


The climate of the also makes it a beautiful and comfortable place to live in. I was smitten by the beautiful transformation of this place. From one season to another and engulfing surroundings and lifestyle as in there was no other season.  With hot and humid summers to cold winters with rains evenly distributed all through the year makes this place all the more amazing. Precipitation is more in spring than in autumn. Seasonal snowfall is also experienced. All this makes Greenville a truly complete package place to stay.


A place that has events for the year round. I was charmed by the enthusiasm and liveliness with which this place celebrated and organized its events. The citizens are truly blessed and talented when they perform the theatre shows. You are taken to an altogether different world by their performances. Greenville’s theatres and events venues regularly host major concerts and touring theater companies.

This city has four independent theatres that showcase several plays a year. Not only theatres this city is also musical. The music scene here presents live performances by local jazz, country and rock bands that will sweep you. The city promotes theatre and music artists. It is home to various orchestras. It is also house to a lyric theatre that produces several musical theatre operetta and opera, that is it is versatile, unique but truly outstanding. A city that will rejuvenate you and relax you like no other place. The musical and artistic people will relieve you of all your worries.

It is not only about the theatres and music that is outstanding the visual arts here is also very advanced. Various local artists have their studios or galleries in the city, to showcase the true meaning of art to you. Evenings will be well spent just by paying a visit to this art galleries or museums. The art galleries display a diverse collection of European masterworks.

For me, there is no life without comedy and this place fulfills this quotient also. This city has eight comedy venues featuring stand up comedy, sketch comedy, ventriloquists and also an experimental nontraditional comedy.

If above was enough to lure you for a life in this city let me tell you about its love for dance arena. Ballet and social dancing is a part of life there.

The above reasons make it the best place to stay.