Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate HiLo Adjusting Table

   Patients have asked me about this and our other Chiropractic adjustment and treatment tables.  I purchased this table for its versatility in accommodating many different types of patients with many different problems.  This picture illustrates how the table can stand straight up to allow a patient to stand against the table as it lowers to a flat position.   This allows a patient in a great deal of pain or one with a disability to lie on the table for treatment without having to lie down or get up.  After treatment, the table raises back up to a standing position.

   This adjusting table also provides traction, distraction, and a special adjustable section to accommodate pregnant women.  It also has  a lumbar drop section to utilize Thompson adjusting technique and  is also excellent for Diversified, Gonstead, and Cox lumbar traction and distraction adjusting techniques.


So if you or someone you know is having headaches, neck, back, hip or leg pain…please give us a call for a free consultation and exam so that  I can determine if any of these or other adjusting procedures can correct the underlying damage and stop the pain.