Woodruff Rd is one of the busiest highway of Greenville, with more than 130000 residents within a radius of 5 miles. The Greenville County Council desires to rezone the 10-acre parcel of land in a 7-5 vote for development. The development plan includes an area of 30000 square feet to build a Sprouts Farmer’s market, along the SC14 having two different buildings. One for the retail and another for the office use, both at 6000 square feet, respectively. Every time the attempt to rezone the location has been voted down. The portion of Woodruff Road and State 14 for future development has been denied by the critics, stating that who may reside by the busy road. The basic reason for decline was traffic congestion, disturbance and safety related to the adjacent Graceland East Memorial Park. This keeps the original residential area in place.

Why so much of traffic?

The lane is completely filled with eat-outs, food trucks or restaurants and all of them are always packed. Get here anytime to have food since its fully packed all through the month. Some of the food joints are so popular that there is a line out at the door during lunch. The aromatic smell of food, the flavors of spices fill the air and just intoxicate you. The road is fully packed as you see the happy passer-byes who just come to grab a wide variety of food available here. The food served here is versatile and unique like the pasta salad, brownies, sandwiches, or anything that you have on your mind. The amazing foodstuff served in the various outlets make a very congested place.

The traffic in the area is very dense because it is a lively place and there are so many eating food joints. People hover there irrespective of the time of the day be it a weekday or weekend which add to the traffic. Also the busy traffic and packed up Woodruff Rd raises the risk of safety for the people.

What is my experience while driving?

I have seen how low people can go while driving in Greenville, SC. Each time I drove my car, I had a fear of ending my life like that. I think most of the drivers out there have to face the same situation while driving in Greenville.

Since Woodruff Rd is one of the major roads in Greenville, I come across at least one car whose speed is 10 miles under the speed limit. You can overtake it, which means you are stuck driving slow because of that one car only. That is the reason mostly I try to avoid such areas which will be flooded with cars, just to save my time.

Every time I drive across the Woodruff Rd, I met insane drivers. I am still not able to understand how can there be so many bad drivers at the same time, at the same place. I know each region has bad drivers, but here in Greenville, SC, they are everywhere.

Be careful while driving here!